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Why Chili?

increase sleep quality + quantity1
reset your circadian ryhthm2
increase your natural melatonin3
activate thinning brown fats4
no more night-sweats5
1. Gilbert et al. (2004) Gilbert SS, Van den Heuvel CJ, Ferguson SA, Dawson D. Thermoregulation as a sleep signalling system. Sleep Medicine Reviews. 2004;8:81-93. doi: 10.1016/S 1087-0792(03)00023-6. 2. Hot flashes: behavioral treatments, mechanisms, and relation to sleep Freedman, Robert R. The American Journal of Medicine , Volume 118 , Issue 12 , 124 - 130 3. Cagnacci, A., Krauchi, K., Wirz-Justice, A., & Volpe, A. (1997). Homeostatic versus Circadian Effects of Melatonin on Core Body Temperature in Humans. Journal of Biological Rhythms, 12(6), 509-517. 4. Ravussin, Y., Xiao, C., Gavrilova, 0., & Reitman, M. L. (2014). Effect of intermittent cold exposure on brown fat activation, obesity, and energy homeostasis in mice. PloS one, 9(1), e85876. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0085876 5. Hot flashes: behavioral treatments, mechanisms, and relation to sleep Freedman, Robert R. The American Journal of Medicine , Volume 118 , Issue 12 , 124 - 130


designed with the science of sleep

The science is clear. We sleep deeper with increased recovery at a cooler body temperature. Simply put the hydronic pad on your mattress, fill the control unit(s) with water + turn it on. With a temperature range from 55-115°F (13-46°C), our products ensure that whatever your sleep temperature, you can get — and stay— there.*

*Peak performance is dependent on multiple factors such as ambient temperature, individual body mass and humidity and may not be suitable to replace conventional A/C


fall asleep faster + stay asleep

It’s simple. Chili’s nature-based sleep solutions are an easy way to change your sleep — no pills, no will power needed. Why? Cooling is the ultimate hack to get great sleep. Trigger your brain to fall asleep 98% faster and up to double your deep sleep. Whether you have 6 hours or 8, science meets a magical experience to give you the quality sleep your body needs.*

*Setokawa, Hiroto, et al. “Facilitating Effect of Cooling the Occipital Region on Nocturnal Sleep.” Sleep and Biological Rhythms, vol. 5, no. 3, 2007, pp. 166–172., doi:10.1111/j.1479-8425.2007.00270.x.

our customers have spoken

once a chili customer, always a chili customer.

My first night, I got double my average deep sleep.
Since then, I've consistently slept much better. I should've bought this years ago, when I first heard about it from Tim Ferris...
Such a difference for me.
For years I have struggled trying to sleep at night because I get too hot ... the chiliPAD has made such a difference for me...
This is worth everything to me.
I love chiliPAD. This is my 2nd one ... I use it every single night and some days to take naps. Without it, I get impossible hot! It has been a lifesaver!