Choose your sleep temperature with ChiliPad CUBE
Independent temperature control for couples
A Mattress Pad That Cool And Heals
Dial In Your Perfect Temperature for the Best Sleep of Your Life
If you try one of our competitors you'll get (at best) a 3-7°F temperature improvement. In fact, most of our competitors won't even advertise the temperature difference that their products provide. So why is our ChiliPad™ so much more effective?
It's simple physics. Our competitors use air while the ChiliPad™ utilizes liquid. Water is five to ten times more effective as it is shown to retain temperatures longer and more safely than an air or electrical system.
This efficiency means you stay at your ideal temperature throughout the night.
Feature ChiliPad BedJet Atmos
Water cooled? Yes No No
How cool? 55°F 65°F N/A **
How warm? 110°F 80°F N/A **
Special Mattress Requirements? No Yes Yes
** Info not available from manufacturer
How ChiliPad™ Works To Keep You Sleeping Comfortably