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thomas delauer + chili

See what Thomas Delauer popular YouTuber and healthy living advocate has to say about OOLER.

"I never realized the importance of sleep until it was robbed from me after having a kiddo of my own ... Now there are nights where I know I won't get 7-8 hours, but I finally feel like even if I only get 5-6 (which is not optimal) I am at least getting the restorative sleep I need. I ALWAYS ran hot. My wife had to put a bed-wetting liner on our mattress because the sweat stains would look like someone melted on the mattress. That is now a thing of the past. My OOLER has changed my life in the shortest amount of time you could imagine."
- Thomas Delauer

Why Chili?

increase sleep quality + quantity1
reset your circadian ryhthm2
increase your natural melatonin3
activate thinning brown fats4
no more night-sweats5
1. Gilbert et al. (2004) Gilbert SS, Van den Heuvel CJ, Ferguson SA, Dawson D. Thermoregulation as a sleep signalling system. Sleep Medicine Reviews. 2004;8:81-93. doi: 10.1016/S 1087-0792(03)00023-6. 2. Hot flashes: behavioral treatments, mechanisms, and relation to sleep Freedman, Robert R. The American Journal of Medicine , Volume 118 , Issue 12 , 124 - 130 3. Cagnacci, A., Krauchi, K., Wirz-Justice, A., & Volpe, A. (1997). Homeostatic versus Circadian Effects of Melatonin on Core Body Temperature in Humans. Journal of Biological Rhythms, 12(6), 509-517. 4. Ravussin, Y., Xiao, C., Gavrilova, 0., & Reitman, M. L. (2014). Effect of intermittent cold exposure on brown fat activation, obesity, and energy homeostasis in mice. PloS one, 9(1), e85876. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0085876 5. Hot flashes: behavioral treatments, mechanisms, and relation to sleep Freedman, Robert R. The American Journal of Medicine , Volume 118 , Issue 12 , 124 - 130


OOLER's state-of-the-art technology, builds on the chiliPAD's thermal performance, while upgrading features to provide the best night's sleep. All of our pads are hydro-powdered - active thermal control from 55-115 °F (13-46°).
includes many of the chiliPAD features, plus...

OOLER benefits

Increased thermal capacity + reduced power consumption

OOLER benefits

App controlled with sleep scheduling

OOLER benefits

Variable speed fan for white-noise control


our customers have spoken


My first night, I got double my average deep sleep.
Since then, I've consistently slept much better. I should've bought this years ago, when I first heard about it from Tim Ferris...
Such a difference for me.
For years I have struggled trying to sleep at night because I get too hot ... the chiliPAD has made such a difference for me...
This is worth everything to me.
I love chiliPAD. This is my 2nd one ... I use it every single night and some days to take naps. Without it, I get impossible hot! It has been a lifesaver!
made it all the way down here?
check out our OG sleep system, the chiliPAD


A decade of life-changing stories makes this option our most beloved sleep system. Enjoy the EMF-free chiliPAD with a water based thermal range of 55-115°F (13-46°C). Improve your deep sleep + cool your bed all night every night.

chiliPAD benefits

Made for any bed size or type

chiliPAD benefits

Infrared remote control, no bluetooth required

chiliPAD benefits

Personalized sleep climate control for one side or two

chiliPAD benefits

Water based thermal control