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About Chili Technology

Founded in 2007 by husband and wife duo, Tara and Todd Youngblood, Chili Technology strives to make the best products on the market that positively influence sleep. We started with the vision of changing a critically-important component of healthy sleep – the ability to set mattress temperature.

With products like the ChiliPad, you’re able to control your sleep temperature anywhere from 55 - 110 degrees Fahrenheit, something that no competitor model comes close to! Not only does the ChiliPad allow you to control your temperature, but it also provides all night relief, works with your existing mattress and evenly distributes your desired temperature throughout your bed with water-cooling/warming technology. Whether you’re an athlete that wants to enhance muscle recovery, someone that’s unable to regulate their body temperature or are just someone that can’t seem to cool down at night, the ChiliPad is for you.

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How does temperature affect sleep?

The human body is at it's coolest in the midst of sleep.  In fact, we all need to start the cooling process to enter the initial stages of sleep.  There have been direct links to the drop in body temperature and the production of melatonin. 

I have air conditioning, why do I need a ChiliPad?

Having the right indoor temperature is very important to set the right sleep environment, but have you noticed that the cool sheet feeling when you get into the bed doesn't stick around for long.  Your mattress and bedding heat up throughout the night.  Many people find their mattresses become too hot to sleep in the middle of the night.  The ChiliPad will actively maintain a set temperature throughout the night.  No more hot mattresses!  The recommended sleep temperature is between 60-68F.   This is virtually impossible to achieve in today's mattresses.   

Can two people each have different temperatures?  

Absolutely!  We have designed the queen and king sizes to have different temperature settings on each side of the mattress.  Each side can be set anywhere between 55 - 110F in one-degree increments.  Since 95% of couples sleep at different temperatures this can be a marriage saver! 

Will the ChiliPad cost a lot to operate, or save money? 

No! Actually, the ChiliPad has been shown to save as much as $100 per month for some customers.  More than 1/2 the time we are home, we are in our bed.  Yet our HVAC systems are set up to change the temperature of our homes at night, instead of where we are - in bed.  The ChiliPad operates at an average of 80 watts, consuming about the same as an incandescent light.  

Can the ChiliPad be covered by insurance?  

The ChiliPad has been used to reduce the symptoms relating to multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, hot flashes, pain medications, and insomnia and many systems have been covered under various insurance plans however specific coverage would be determined by individual insurance plans.  

How ChiliPad Compares to the Rest

Freezing Out The Competition

We may not have been the first to control bedroom temperature, but we are the best. In today’s market it can be hard sorting through which products truly meet your needs. Does it allow you to directly control your temperature? Does it provide full, even coverage throughout your mattress? See how the ChiliPad stacks up against BedJet, Sleep Number, Eight, Tempur-Pedic and more!

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The ChiliPad Saves You Money

Save The Planet While Saving Your Wallet

The ChiliPad eliminates the need to set your thermostat to heat or cool your entire home . Central air conditioners typically range from 3500–5000 watts, and in the summer months run for an average of 9 hours per day while the ChiliPad operates at 100 watts per side when cooling and is only on while you're asleep. The ChiliPad can save up to 26% on cooling costs.

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