Cancer Awareness Month Giveaway – Chili Technology

Congratulations to our contest winners for spreading awareness during the Cancer Awareness Month Giveaway.

Sarah H,  Darla P,  Sam W,  Matt A,  Judy T,  Mattson B,  Emma F,  Kelsey V,  Wendi B  &  Terry C.

For everyone who participated and didn’t win, your efforts did not go unnoticed. We would like to offer you a sizable discount on a ChiliPad to say "Thank You." 


    • Get 40% off a refurbished ChiliPad (a refurbished Cube paired with a new Mattress Pad) with code REFURB40. **Our refurbished units come with the same 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee and 2 Year Warranty. There are 105 available. Simply use code REFURB40 at checkout to take advantage of this offer.


    • Take 20% off a new ChiliPad with code CURE20.


Thank you again for your support!
The Chili Technology Team

ChiliPad - Cancer Awareness Month Giveaway