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“Some of my toughest races have led me to physically pass out afterwards. Now that I use the OOLER® by ChiliSleep™, I am sleeping colder and getting much more deep sleep which has improved my recovery on and off the track.”
“Once I became a ChiliSleeper, I’ve noticed a huge difference in my mental and physical recovery after races ... I don’t know how I’ve slept without the OOLER all these years.”
"There's some nights where I get back from a race where I'm still hot and the adrenaline's pumping. I'll turn it down to low and try to get my body temperature down ... The OOLER system is a great addition to the house and to me personally."

OOLER Sleep System

When you work as hard as Bubba does, you need a sleep system that works for you. Bubba loves customizing his sleep temperature from 55-115°F (13-46°C) with the app-based scheduler and the reversible Chili Cool Mesh™ pad that regulates his body heat, even in changing seasons.



The chiliBLANKET is perfect for reducing stress after a stressful day at the track or the office. This weighted blanket delivers restful sleep with the added comfort of weighted goodness. Pair it with and OOLER or chiliPAD for added temperature-regulation.


Nascar's hottest driver likes to sleep cool.

Personalize your sleep temperature to fit your busy lifestyle. Whether you're a racecar drive or a school bus driver, you need to wake up ready to perform at your best. Deep sleep is the key to waking up each day refreshed and ready to conquer the day.

For more information on the science behind cooling technology and overall sleep health, read our research below.