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ChiliPad™ is part of a legacy of sleep innovations. The company is based around a second generation alternative sleep developer. The waterbed set off a comfort revolution in the sixties as people realized the shape of your spine when you sleep has an enormous impact on your health and sleep patterns. Since then other developers have created a memory foam craze and the firmness adjustable beds, but as a population we have not achieved the perfect sleep. Over forty years of alternative sleep solutions and there has never been a development to adjust for temperature. Temperature has not been something people could change in a regular mattress before, we have found the solution. Questions, please call us at 704-235-6831 or toll-free at 877-235-6271.

The Youngbloods.Todd and Tara Youngblood founded T2 International, the parent company to Chili Technology, in 2000. Both Todd and Tara come from entrepreneurial families. Tara grew up with her parents running a variety of businesses, including a department store and financial planning business. Todd worked with large and small consumer product companies with production both in the US and Canada.

The couple’s first commercial success on their own was the EZ Bed, one of the most innovative and best quality inflatable guest beds on the market. The EZ Bed is still sold at Frontgate and continues to be one of their top selling products.

It was during their work with several mattress companies on new technology and product development that the Youngbloods became more aware of the need for temperature regulation in sleep. They were inspired to create the Chili Technology solution by Todd’s uncle, Charles Hall, who is credited with inventing the water bed in the 1960s. The waterbed was the first bedding product that allowed for temperature control, because if you didn’t heat it, you would be too cold to sleep.

Three years of iterative development took their idea from root concept of the ChiliPad™ that is produced today. Now they have incorporated their patented system into a new line of premium mattresses: the ChiliBed™. The Youngbloods want everyone with temperature related sleep problems to know there is a real solution that can give them a sound, recuperative night’s sleep. They are passionate about developing new solutions to aid in solving temperature related problems of millions around the world.

The Youngbloods are passionate for their company and consider it an extension of their family, embracing employees, customers, dealers and suppliers. Like most entrepreneurs, they invest all available time and resources into strengthening their business. Their encouragement comes from the testimonials of Chili owners about the positive impact a ChiliPad™ or ChiliBed™ has made in their lives.

Why Chili Technology?

Sleep is as important to your health as food and water. When you sleep well, you feel refreshed, alert and ready to face daily challenges. When you don’t, your job, relationships, productivity, health and your safety and others may all be put at risk. Chili Technology can help you sleep better.

A National Sleep Foundation (NSF) Poll found that 74 percent of American adults are having difficulty sleeping a few nights a week or more, 39% get less than seven hours of sleep each weeknight, and more than one in three (37%) are so sleepy during the day that it interferes with daily activities. In the past century, we have reduced our average time in sleep. Though our society has changed, our brains and bodies have not. Sleep deprivation is affecting us all and we are paying the price.

The body’s internal temperature drops during the night, reaching its lowest level about four hours after you begin sleeping. Most sleep scientists believe the ideal sleep temperature is between 60° – 68°F. In general, temperatures above 75°F and below 54°F will disrupt sleep, but achieving the ideal room temperature isn’t always simple or affordable. Chili Technology will help you in your battle to achieve restful sleep. Regulating your sleep temperature will help you to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start the day.

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