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What’s In A Name?


What’s In A Name?

Founded in 2007 by Todd and Tara Youngblood, Chili Technology strives to make the best products on the market that positively influence sleep. We took some time to sit down with founder and creator, Todd Youngblood, to learn more about the ins and outs of Chili Technology.


Q: How did Chili Technology start?


Todd: Our company started with the vision of changing the last, yet critically-important component of healthy sleep – the ability to set mattress temperature. Surface, light, sound and temperature are the most important elements in creating a conducive sleep environment.


Q: We’ve seen people spell Chili Technology a variety of ways - “Chilly”, “Chilli”, “Chillie” and more. How did you come up with the name, Chili Technology?


Todd: We spent over six months playing with different names for our marquis product, and I kept coming back to Chili. I like the double entendre of chili (chilly) and chili (chili pepper). Once we had nailed the product name, it was clear that our company was about all things Chili – so Chili Technology made the most sense to us.


Q: What’s it like working with your spouse?


Todd: Thankfully, I love it. Probably because we are great friends. It’s been interesting to see our business relationship change as our friendship has matured over the years. While less active on a daily basis, Tara still provides motivation and clarity on many aspects of our businesses.


Q: What motivates you?


Todd: Threats from my business partner help! In all seriousness, the motivation for Chili is all about connecting with customers that really need our product. I don’t know if you have ever had a period in your life when you were not able to sleep well, but it’s absolutely terrible. There are millions of people in the US that have major sleep issues, many that can be solved with just sleeping cooler. It’s our company’s mission to make our product known to all that could improve their sleep with effective temperature regulation. We have launched hundreds of products in the last 16 years as entrepreneurs. The products we are working on today are the most exciting in our company’s history.


Q: What’s your favorite inspirational quote?


Todd: We have quotes covering the walls in our office. For me, inspiration comes in many forms. It’s often a walk in the park to clear my head. As I look around the office this afternoon the quote that stands out to me most is a Vince Lombardi quote, “The difference between a successful person and others is not the lack of strength, not the lack knowledge, but rather the lack of will.” Ask me again tomorrow, and I’ll have another one.


Q: What’s next for Chili Technology?


Todd: Chili is just getting started. Every day we are working to find new ways to help the world sleep better with a better temperature in bed. This is a mix of product improvements, more effective “sticky” marketing, and making sure our customers are taken care of. As a small company we have a great opportunity to have a personal touch with our customers when we talk or email with them. We are so grateful for the loyal support of our customers who spread the word about our company, and what we are doing to make a difference in our little corner of the universe.


So there you have it, Todd Youngblood and Chili Technology, working hard to make the world a better place one day at a time. If you’d like to learn more about our products or have any questions, visit us online today!