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The Relationship Between Love and Sleep


The Relationship Between Love and Sleep

Most people who have romance at the forefront of their minds and probably aren’t thinking too much about their sleep schedule or how sleep can affect their love lives. However, the link between sleep and love is stronger than most realize, and everything from the quality of sleep to your sleeping position can play a huge role in the romance department.

Catching Z’s Can Improve a Relationship

Have you ever gotten into a spat with your significant other and attributed it to being overly tired? There’s a reason for this correlation. Studies show that when just one partner in a relationship hasn’t caught up on sleep, they often suffer from more romantic conflicts. Not only do sleep-deprived couples argue more often, they also laugh less often because humor requires high levels of cognition. Many believe that having a sense of humor and laughing together is the number one way to feel attracted and connected to someone. Without this connection, you may feel distant from your significant other. The bottom line is, in order to foster a fun and nurturing relationship while keeping the fire alive, both you and your partner need to catch as many Z’s as possible!

Sharing a Bed is Good for Your Health

The everlasting battle of how sleeping with someone else in the bed influences your sleep is a debate we may never hear the end of. However, cuddlers now have a rebuttal for all the naysayers who have nothing positive to say about sharing a bed with their significant other. Psychologists have concluded that the psychological benefits of cuddling at night actually outweigh the burden of the disruption you may experience at night. There are physiological benefits of sharing a bed with your partner too - it promotes feelings of security and safety which lowers levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, and boosts levels of oxytocin, a love hormone. Don’t let your partner use the excuse that it’s too hot to cuddle, use a ChiliPad to cool it down and proceed with the cuddlefest.

What Your Sleeping Position With Your Partner Says About Your Relationship

At night, you go to sleep with your partner and you both resume the same sleeping positions as you do any other night. However, did you know that the sleeping position you prefer says a lot about your relationship? That’s because that’s when your conscious mind takes a break and your subconscious body language takes full effect. For example, those who like to sleep with their backs to each other show a certain level of security and independence in the relationship. Those who love to spoon exhibit vulnerability, trust and protectiveness. Couples who wake up and find their significant other taking up the entire bed should be cautious - this is a big red flag and could mean that there is a power struggle going on. Sleeping completely intertwined may sound romantic and intimate, but it could also mean that the pair are heavily dependent on each other. Lastly, couples who sleep facing each other but don’t touch indicate an emotionally-demanding relationship and a need for more intimacy. While you may think that the position you sleep in is simply what you find most comfortable, body language can be very telling of your relationship.

Single? No Worries - Sleep With a Pet

If you’re single and worried you’ll never be able to experience the health benefits of sharing a bed with a partner, fear not. You can actually get the same quality benefits from sharing a bed with a furry friend. Studies have shown that sharing a bed with your four-legged companion can actually improve quality of sleep by providing a sense of security. Pets have been known to lower stress, decrease the risk of depression and increase relaxation. Don’t let bad luck in the love department keep you from getting the best sleep possible, instead, just snuggle up with your pets and sleep soundly.   

Sleep and love go hand-in-hand. Don’t let your love life suffer simply because you haven’t had a good night’s sleep. For other sleep tips & tricks, visit our blog or at