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How to Sleep & Strengthen Your Romance at the Same Time


How to Sleep & Strengthen Your Romance at the Same Time

To Keep the Relationship Hot, Sleep in the Same Bed and Split the Temperature


Life is better for couples when they sleep together. Or as scientists tell it, coregulation of biological systems is a defining feature of normative attachments in close adult relationships.

The Sleep Council reports that since sharing a bed is the ultimate intimacy, research suggests that “this closeness helps to lower stress hormones and encourage feelings of safety and security.” Couples who sleep together have less risk of cytokines, proteins that can trigger inflammation and thus disease and/or depression.


Help for Couples Who Split Their Bed 


The problem is that poor sleep habits, snoring and other disruptions force couples apart into separate bedrooms. Reversing that split, health scientists have found, not only improves an individual’s health, it improves the relationship between couples.

Scientific studies on the observed effects of the couple’s sleep experience, not the individual, are enlightening. Couples who sleep well and sleep together, perform better as a couple during their waking hours; the relationship is better. In their 2011 published paper, Hasler and Troxel of the University of Pittsburg found that regular, high-quality sleep can establish what resembles an infinite loop of emotional payback:

  • Males who sleep well have less negative partner interaction the following day.
  • Females who have less negative partner interaction during the day sleep better at night.
  • And, importantly for males, they experience better sleep when their female partners experience higher positive interaction during the day.


The solution is to fix what’s causing the sleep problem, not shift it down the hall. To keep the romance alive sleep better, together.


There are as many alleged sleep solutions as there are in-laws. But here’s one good enough to support both partners: ChiliPad.


ChiliPad allows couples to control the temperature where it can do their sleep the most good – on their own side of the bed. Sleeping where it is cool or warm, no matter the weather, allows each person to get the best sleep of their life, and to awaken each day next to the best friend of their life. Just that thought alone should add spark to the relationship.


Meet the marriage saver. Add ChiliPad to your bed and rekindle old flames. You’ll both sleep better. And your romance will do better, too.


By: Zack Self