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Sleep Study: How To Improve Your Sleep Quality


Sleep Study: How To Improve Your Sleep Quality

From time to time, we ask our fans and newsletter subscribers to take a survey on their sleeping habits. In a continued effort to understand our customers, we value these insights as they allow us to continue to improve our products and create the best sleeping experience for our customers. Today, we’re going to review our findings for you, to not only show you what we’ve found but to show you that others experience similar sleep habits. And that a solution might not be too far away.

More About Our Surveyors 

In general, our surveyors were an even number of males and females, 45 – 54 years old and sleep in a queen or king sized bed. Many of these people reported that they were tired during the day, and had more trouble falling asleep than waking up every day. They tended to fall asleep between 10pm – 12am and wake up between 5am – 7am. Like most, 75% of respondents also reported that they “could always get better sleep and am open to possible solutions”.

How They Sleep At Night

59% of respondents report having trouble sleeping more than three nights a week.

How many nights per week do you have trouble sleeping chart
86.5% of people desire a better night’s sleep.
48.6% use electronics at night before bed while 17% said they never do.

How Temperature Affects Them At Night 

Overall, 77.78% of our respondents wished they had more temperature control, stating that their ideal temperature is between 60 – 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Interestingly enough, of the

62.8% that claimed they sweat most nights, 78.2% of those respondents do not have a medical condition that causes them to sweat at night. If they did sweat at night, many reported that they sweat at night due to hormonal imbalance, prescription drugs or the body heat from their partner. As you can see, not only do many people suffer from temperature-related issues at night, many don’t have a specific diagnosis as to why they are suffering. While you should consult your doctor on any major medical decision, if you or your partner are simply too hot at night, our products could help resolve your temperature issues in the bedroom by providing you with direct temperature control on either side of the bed.

How They Sleep When They Travel

Getting a good night’s sleep when traveling can be tough to accomplish. Most customers travel 1 – 6 times a year, and 60% sleep worse when traveling than they do at home. Whether you recreate your routine, pack your favorite pillow or sleeping accessories, or find your best home away from home, it’s important to get your best night’s rest when traveling. While packing your favorite pillow could help you sleep better in a new environment, if you’re used to having control over your bed temperature, consider packing a Chili Technology Gel Pad or even your Chili Technology Cube! Our products travel well and quickly allow you to control your sleep temperature, regardless of where you lay your head at night!

The most popular feedback for the ChiliPad is from users that sleep “too hot” at night to deliver them cool uninterrupted sleep all year long.

But, the ChiliPad is also effective in the winter months or as a heating alternative any time of the year. If you’re still unable to fall asleep due to being too cold in the winter months, we have a few tips that may be able to help you. Regardless of how you’re suffering, you don’t have to live with your temperature-related sleep issues, and we’re here to help.

We want to thank those that took the time to respond to our survey; your feedback has been invaluable in our continued effort to help improve everyone’s sleep conditions and habits!  For more information on what we do and our products visit our blog or check us out at