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How to Sleep for Better Sex


How to Sleep for Better Sex

Want to have better sex? Get better sleep.

We talk here a lot about the health benefits of sleep. Let’s talk about a symptom of good sleep: better sex. It's the elephant in the room, but what's science say?

Anxiety and depression can lead to restless nights and sleep debt. Those side effects of insomnia and sleep deprivation reduce testosterone in men and reduce sexual desire in women.

Refreshing, restorative sleep clears mind and body of physiological obstacles to rewarding sex.


Why Sleep and Sex Work Well Together


Is sleep good for sex?

When men and women both get good sleep, science has proven they have both the appetite for, and reward of, good sex.

The Journal of Women’s Health found that poor sleep is significantly associated with female sexual dysfunction among the study’s mostly Hispanic and low socioeconomic status participants.

Men maintain enough levels of testosterone for vigor and sexual activity with enough sleep but suffer “loss of vigor” when they suffer a loss of sleep.


Why do you fall asleep after sex?

In French, they call the common sleepy side effect of sleep “le petit mort.”

Scientists, dismissive of such conceptual language, using their own to describe why sleep is so easily found after sex. They call it “vasodilation.”

At night, the body begins to shed heat at the start of its transition to sleep. Sexual activity helps that heat exchange by improving blood flow to the extremities. The expanded blood vessels transport a greater volume of warm blood, reducing core body temperature.—which is precisely what the body needs when it’s time to sleep.


At Chili Technology, we care about fixing your sleep.


ChiliPad allows you to simply control the temperature where you need it for sleeping—on your bed. We help you to get the best sleep of your life. And we leave it to you to work on improving that other thing.


By: Zack Self