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Our Five-Step Installation Process Is This Easy! (Plus, Care Tips & FAQs)


Our Five-Step Installation Process Is This Easy! (Plus, Care Tips & FAQs)

There is no discrepancy in the fact that body temperature affects the way you sleep. Some prefer to sleep warm, and others cold. Although air conditioning allows for some adjustment in your sleep environment, AC only changes the temperature outside of the sheets.

Under the sheets, your mattress heats up as you sleep. Whether you are an athlete, unable to control your body temperature or just naturally always hot or cold, we have the solution.

The ChiliPad is a dual heating and cooling pad that fits under your sheets, allowing you to set your desired sleep temperature and enjoy a first-rate sleeping experience. Sharing the bed with another person? You most likely prefer a different sleep temperature by nature. Our King and Queen size models feature dual-control abilities on both halves, allowing you and yours to sleep at your desired temperatures.

Installing your ChiliPad

The ChiliPad is easy to set up, use and maintain. In order to install your ChiliPad correctly for the coolest sleep of your life, follow the steps below: 


It’s as easy as it looks! Simply unbox your ChiliPad, lay it between your pre-existing mattress and fitted sheet, choose your desired location for the control unit and connect it. Next, remove the cap, fill the control unit with the specified amount of water and replace the cap. Set your preferred temperature, and enjoy your ideal sleeping conditions!

Now that you’ve installed your ChiliPad, make sure that you continue to have the best sleep of your life for years to come. Worried about the cost? We offer a FuturePay option, which allows you to pay over a specified period of time rather than all at once. Learn more here!

Keeping your ChiliPad Clean

To ensure that your ChiliPad is working to its full potential, be sure to periodically clean the control unit and pad. To purify the control unit, you can use a can of compressed air to blow dirt and dust out of the side and top vents. To clean the inside of your ChiliPad, add a cap full of hydrogen peroxide and turn up the temp! Let it run for a couple hours, and before you know it, your pad will be clean and ready to provide you with yet another perfect night’s rest. For more cleaning instructions and other FAQs, visit us here!