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Infographic: The Health Benefits of Sleeping at Cooler Temperatures


Infographic: The Health Benefits of Sleeping at Cooler Temperatures

Being healthy doesn’t have to stop once you go to sleep (it’s true!). When you’re falling asleep, cooler temperatures can: 

  • Trigger your body’s “time for bed” system
  • Help you fall asleep faster and give you more restful sleep at night
  • Lessen the risk of metabolic disease
  • Reduce the risk of diabetes
  • Increase your quality of REM sleep
  • Help you look younger


Studies have even found that sleeping for 24 hours at 66 degrees could burn 100 calories! How do you make sure you get these benefits regularly? When it comes to sleep temperature, there are different levels of comfort for everyone and that's where the ChiliPad comes in. The ChiliPad allows you to control your individual (cooler) sleep temperature. Additionally, it only uses the same amount of energy as a single light bulb. So, it can help you save money on your bills, and you don’t have to worry about higher bills from keeping your room cold! Recently, we further discussed the health benefits of sleeping at cooler temperatures. For a general overview of that blog, check out our infographic below.