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How To Pick The Best Mattress - The Ultimate Guide


How To Pick The Best Mattress - The Ultimate Guide

Choosing the best mattress is an incredibly important decision. Individuals with subpar mattresses tend to sleep poorly, which can drastically affect their mood, metabolism, stress and more. While this decision can seem overwhelming and expensive at first, there are a few key points to keep in mind that will make mattress shopping easier. Today we are going to discuss what you should consider when shopping for your new mattress.


How To Pick The Best Bed Size


When choosing the best mattress size, it’s important to keep in mind the size of who will be using the mattress, and how long you plan on keeping the mattress. The lengths of California King, King, Queen, Full, Twin XL and Twin-size mattresses all vary. For a more in-depth look, see the dimensions below: 



Mattress Size

Dimensions* (Length x Width)

California King Mattress 84 in x 72 in
King Mattress 80 in x 79 in
Queen Mattress 80 in x 60 in
Full Mattress 76 in x 54 in
Twin XL Mattress 80 in x 39 in
Twin Mattress 75 in x 39 in


*Dimensions are approximations from The Better Sleep Council.


If you and your partner are going to share the bed, keep in mind both of your heights in comparison to the length of the mattress. It’s also important to keep the width of the mattress in mind when considering how long you plan on keeping the mattress and if you are going to share it with someone. Regardless of if you’re sharing a bed or not, most adults find that they enjoy a Full or Queen-size mattress, as it provides more room to spread out and relax than if they were to purchase a Twin.


How To Pick The Best Support


If you’re unsure of whether or not your current mattress offers you the proper support, professionals state that if you wake up with low back pain and need to stretch to alleviate the pain, you’re on the wrong mattress. This is where choosing the proper level of firmness is key. There are also a variety of mattress styles that can offer a range of support. Whether you’re interested in an innerspring, memory foam, latex or air mattress, each have their pros & cons:


  • Innerspring Mattress - This is widely the most popular mattress. Innerspring mattresses can be comfortable for almost anyone without breaking the bank. However avoid the cheapest innerspring mattress as it could result in more aches than restful nights.
  • Memory Foam Mattress - Memory foam works to form to the shape of your body. However, due to their materials, they are known to retain heat, which can significantly disrupt your sleep.
  • Latex Mattress - These mattresses are generally made with natural or synthetic rubber. Latex mattresses are popular among those who enjoy firm support. If you don’t enjoy a firm mattress, you will most likely not enjoy a latex mattress.
  • Air Mattress - While many have slept on an air mattress at one point or another, this specific type of air mattress is intended for long-term use, with various chambers of air throughout the mattress to provide a more stable environment. While this could be great for couples with varying sleep habits, if the air mattress is not firm enough, someone could end up with body aches and back pains.


The easiest way to determine which mattress is the best fit for you is to test each contender. Choosing a mattress is a significant investment, so when testing don’t be afraid to lay on the mattress the way you would normally sleep for up to 15 minutes. Some suggest even bringing your own pillow so that you can better understand your full sleeping experience on the potential mattress.


How To Choose Additional Features


In today’s market, mattresses can do more than just provide you with a place to rest for the night. Whether you’re looking for an adjustable mattress, a mattress that doesn’t take up a lot of space or a mattress with cooling features, determine what’s important to you before you start shopping.


  • Adjustable Beds - Adjustable bed features are great for those struggling with back pain, sleep apnea or those that are unable to easily get in and out of bed. They’re even comfortable for those that simply want to read or watch tv in bed without having to worry about situating pillows. Consider if these features are important to you and your budget before investing in an adjustable bed.
  • Sofa Beds - Although sofa beds save space, experts recommend that they shouldn’t be purchased for long-term use as they don’t offer appropriate support. Consider a regular-size mattress for continuous use.
  • Temperature-Related Features - If you’re looking for a mattress that offers cooling features, make sure you investigate how the mattress is designed. Some costly mattresses are advertised as “cooling”, but give you little control over your direct sleep temperature. If this is important to you, consider mattresses that offer direct control, or consider other options, like the ChiliPad, that can supplement your mattress purchase.


Understanding Your Warranty & Budget


Having a realistic grasp on your personal budget and mattress size is half of the battle when shopping. While this is an important investment, you shouldn’t completely break the bank with your purchase. However, cheap beds do not equal quality beds.


Things To Keep In Mind:

  • Your budget
  • Available payment plans
  • The company’s warranty
  • The company’s return policy


Most stores have specials and payment plans in place for larger purchases, so keep these in mind when shopping. You shouldn’t only focus on brand names either, comparison shopping will help you determine the best bed for you at the best price. In addition to your budget, it’s important to understand the company’s warranty and return policy. Some companies offer warranties for years, while others offer 90 - 100 day return policies and some companies offer both. Return policies are ideal because they allow you truly test the mattress for weeks to see if it’s the best long-term fit for you.


Whether you’re in the market for a twin-size mattress or a California king-size mattress, there are a variety of factors that play a role in finding your perfect fit. Getting quality sleep is as important as your diet and exercise, and should be treated with the same conscientiousness. For other sleep tips & tricks, visit our blog or at