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How to Fall Asleep When it’s Too Cold Outside


How to Fall Asleep When it’s Too Cold Outside

As we move towards the end of the year, many regions are starting to get extremely cold, if they haven’t already. Depending on where you live, you could be directly affected by this temperature change. While sleeping at cooler temperatures can help you fall asleep and stay asleep, what happens when it get too cold to fall asleep? While many purchase an electric blanket to keep their bed warm, that can come with a variety of risks. You could also adjust your thermostat, however that could get extremely expensive. To help you combat the cold weather, we’ve come up with a few tips to keep your sleep environment comfortable during the fall and winter months.



Do Some Light Exercises


While exercising is shown to help you get a better night’s sleep, it’s important to make sure you’re not doing any serious exercising at least two hours before you plan to go to bed, as this could disrupt your sleep cycle. With that in mind, completing light exercises before bed could help you warm-up if you’re “too cold”. Light exercising consists of low-impact, low-cardio exercises such as yoga or light stretching combined with focused, purposeful breathing. This will not only help your body warm up, but the breathing exercises could also help you calm down and relax before bed.



Sip on Something Warm

Within an hour of going to sleep, sip on something warm. It’s important to avoid heavy snacking or drinking beverages that are high in sugar or have alcohol content immediately before bed. This could influence your ability to fall asleep and your quality of sleep. If you need to warm-up before bed, consider sipping on warm water with lemon or warm, decaffeinated tea. This low-calorie, warm water tip could help heat you internally without influencing your metabolic system and risk keeping you awake.



Warm Your Exterior


You can also warm your exterior without having to turn up your thermostat. While you don’t have to go to the extreme of creating a sauna in your bathroom, taking a warm shower or bath could help raise your body temperature so that you’re more comfortable when it’s time to fall asleep. It’s also important to focus on your extremities. Some individuals who suffer from poor circulation experience enhanced side effects during the colder months. Consider purchasing wool-based socks or leg-warmers, as wool is a great, natural material for retaining heat.



Don’t Waste the Heat You Have


If it’s cold outside, chances are your have your thermostat set to the warmer side of things. If this is the case, keep the age and style of your living space in mind when keeping things warm and cozy. Use products like foam noodles, or even rolled towels to block any drafts in your room. Keep spaces like under doors or around windows in mind. If you have large windows in your room, consider purchasing energy-efficient thermal curtains so that they can keep the warm air in and the cold air out.



Invest in Your Warm Rest

There are a variety of products on the market that are built to help you directly control your sleep temperature. While some products, such as electric blankets, come with safety hazards like the potential to cause electrical fires and electrical burns and are generally unsafe for pregnant women, there are other products out there that are much safer. Take the ChiliPad for example; not only does it allow you to safely control your sleep temperature as it circulates water through a series of micro-tubes, but it is even safe for pregnant women! Another great quality about the ChiliPad is that it can be used year-round! Not only can the ChiliPad keep you warm during the winter months, but it will also be able to keep you cool during the summer.


This holiday season, don’t let the change in temperature affect your ability to get a great night’s sleep! Whether you drink some tea, warm up with light exercise or invest in products to help keep you warm at night, there are a variety of options to keep warm. If you’re interested in learning more about getting your best rest, please visit us at