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Heating Things Up Isn’t Always A Good Thing


Heating Things Up Isn’t Always A Good Thing

The arrival of summer can mean a lot of great things - more daylight, fun outdoor activities and vacations. However, the arrival of summer means the arrival of summer heat. This can also mean a lot of things, including hot summer nights. Unfortunately, this can drastically affect your ability to sleep well at night. In an effort to help you prepare for a good night’s sleep this summer, we’ve outlined a few reasons why your summer nights might heat up while you’re trying to cool down and what to do about it.


The Presence of Alcohol


To many, summer is synonymous with barbecues, vacations and general group activities, many of which involve alcohol. Studies show that alcohol has a tendency to not only disrupt your sleeping patterns and ability to fall asleep, but it can also have an influence on how much you sweat. When drinking alcohol, your heart rate increases and your blood vessels dilate, which can cause perspiration. So, even if you’re not prone to night sweats, drinking alcohol plus the elevated summer temperatures at night could result in night sweats. Consider drinking less or avoiding alcohol completely during the upcoming summer nights to avoid sweating at night.


Thick Bedding & Pajamas


Oftentimes, people forget to transition their bedding fabric in conjunction with the changing seasonal temperatures. When shopping for bedding and pajama fabrics in the summer, avoid polyesters and flannels. These fabrics are known to trap body heat, which can increase your chances of sweating. Instead, choose softer, loose-fitting fabrics like cotton. Cotton is a more natural fabric that will help keep you cool while you sleep at night. Paying attention to your bedding and pajama fabric could save you from having to change the sheets if you sweat after a hot night.


The Weather and The Ever-Changing Climate  


Here’s something else to keep you up at night - not only does it get hotter in the summer months, but studies have shown that with each passing year, the summers are getting warmer as a result of climate change. It’s no secret that being “too hot” at night can disrupt anyone’s sleep, however, researchers have recently taken a look at the correlation between climate change and sleep. One prediction estimates that by 2050, for every 100 Americans, there will be an extra six nights of sleeplessness every month, which isn’t something anyone can afford. It is important to keep in mind that this estimation is without the understanding of what the world will be like in 50+ years in terms of technology and future advances. However, the ever-increasing heat index will continue to result in sleepless nights, so it’s important to understand how to combat the heat so you’ll sleep well at night.


Here’s What to Do About It


As we’ve covered previously, there are a variety of ways to keep your bed cool at night. Whether you avoid spicy foods and hot beverages, chill your sheets or make your home more energy efficient, there are a variety of ways to cool down before bed. However, there are fewer ways to directly control your sleep temperature at night. If direct control is what you’re looking for, consider investing in the ChiliPad. With the ChiliPad, you’re able to directly control your sleep temperature between 55 - 100 degrees Fahrenheit. On top of that, the use of a ChiliPad could result in a 26% total savings of energy cooling costs.


At Chili Technology, we feel that it’s important to invest in your rest, and with our products, we are dedicated to helping you get your best sleep yet. It’s important to continue your healthy habits, even through the night, and we’re here to help you do that. To learn more, visit us at