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Couples: Being Hot and Cold Isn’t So Bad After All


Couples: Being Hot and Cold Isn’t So Bad After All

By: Dave Hanegraaff

I didn’t choose the snug life, it chose me. 

I’m a cuddler, and I’m not afraid to admit it. But sometimes life under the sheets can be hard. It typically doesn’t take long for me to kick off the covers and let my body feel the cool breeze of the A/C. Like many men, my body is prone to maintain a relatively high temperature. Conversely, women are more likely to lose heat at a higher rate, leading them to bury themselves under the covers to keep warm at night. This means sometimes snuggling up to my Boo with the blankets on is too much heat for this homeboy to handle.

The couple’s snuggle-struggle is real. And we’re not alone.

Around 85% of people say they have trouble sleeping at night. Pretty much everyone is having a hard time getting decent sleep. Compound that by involving a significant other, and the odds of getting good sleep become significantly more difficult.

About 63% of couples sleep most of the night separated. Couples are experimenting with “sleep divorce,” what this amounts to is couples sleeping in separate beds or even separate rooms. Part of this emerges from one simple problem—about 43% of couples cannot settle on an agreeable temperature for both to get some ZZZs. These stats boil down to basic math—men and women have different settings on their internal thermostats.

When it comes to sleeping, men and women are hot and cold—it’s as simple as that. And so is the solution.

A bed divided can keep a couple united.

A couple years ago, I met the love of my life. She told me she didn’t like to cuddle at night, and kept to her corner of the bed. I thought she was cold hearted, but it turns out she was merely cold blooded. Lucky for me, this lady had just begun working for a groundbreaking company that creates temperature-controlled mattress pads. This product is called the ChiliPad, a mattress pad with a heating and cooling temperature-control system, producing bed temperatures ranging from 55 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. The best part is you can control both sides of the bed. I drop my side all way down to a comfy 58 degrees; she keeps her side a touch below an incinerator (from my perspective) at 74 degrees.

I was initially skeptical about the benefits of a temperature-controlled mattress pad. But as soon as we began utilizing the dual-zoned, temperature-controlled wonder, and started snugging like nobody’s business -- I was a Believer!

Thanks to the ChiliPad, we now share our space, and I wake up feeling better rested than at any point in my life.