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Chili Technology's ChiliPad vs. Sunbeam's Electric Blanket


Chili Technology's ChiliPad vs. Sunbeam's Electric Blanket

For today’s product comparison, we’re going to have a slight change of pace. In the past, we’ve covered a variety of temperature-controlled mattresses or mattress pads. Today we’re going to discuss the differences between Chili Technology’s ChiliPad and the Sunbeam Electric Blanket. To date, we’ve covered the following companies:


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Depending on where you live, as the seasons begin to change, so do the temperatures. As it starts to cool down, especially at night, many will start searching for products that will help keep them warm while they sleep. Although purchasing an electric blanket would seem like an easy solution, there are a few things you should keep in mind. In addition to the dangers of electric blankets, like fire hazards and the risk of being exposed to electromagnetic fields, electric blankets can also be unsafe for pregnant women. Fortunately, not only is the ChiliPad safe for pregnant women, it can also keep you warm and cozy on those cool fall and winter nights without putting you at the same risk as with an electric blanket. Note that today’s comparison can apply to other electric blankets in addition to Sunbeam’s products.


The Sunbeam Electric Blanket


Price: Sunbeam Electric Blankets can range anywhere from $49-$199 depending on the size, style and where you purchase your electric blanket (online, third-party retailer, etc).
Size: Electric Blankets generally range from Twin to King sizes.
Temperature Control: In general, the consumer can choose their desired heat setting based on a scale of approximately 1-10; exact temperature is not specified. Some blankets have internal timers that will automatically turn the blanket off after 10 hours.
Product Details: The electric blanket maintains heat through a system of electrical wires for a specified amount of time. As stated previously, electric blankets can put individuals at risk of overheating, fire hazards and being exposed to electromagnetic fields.
Miscellaneous: Electric blankets only have the capability to heat your bed, which only make them useful for certain times of the year for most individuals.


The Chili Technology ChiliPad


Price: $449-$1,099
Size: The ChiliPad is a dual heating and cooling pad that is made to fit mattress sizes ranging from a Twin to a California King.
Temperature Control: The customer is able to precisely control their temperature from 55 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit.
Product Details: The ChiliPad houses a water circulation system that moves water through a network of microtubes. When it comes to maintaining the desired temperature throughout the night, the water circulation system is key, as it is shown to retain temperature longer and more safely than an air or electrical system. The ChiliPad is also safe for consumers, even pregnant women.
Miscellaneous: Not only are you able to warm your bed with the ChiliPad, but you are also allowed to cool your bed, giving you the ability to control your sleep temperature year-round.


As the seasons begin to change and the temperatures start to cool, it’s important to understand what your options are when it comes to creating a comfortable sleep environment. Although an electric blanket can seem like an easy solution to those cold fall and winter nights, it appears that the ChiliPad would be a safer investment. It’s also a great product that you can continue to use throughout the year. To learn more about the ChiliPad, please visit us at