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Introducing OOLER®: a Breakthrough Sleep Improvement System

The makers of the cult-favorite chiliPAD are excited to announce their newest innovation: the OOLER® Sleep System.

The last version of the temperature-controlled mattress pad has been favored by some of the biggest names in entertainment, sports and health, including ...


Public Update: OOLER app is now available for iOS + Android

The OOLER app is designed to work seamlessly with the OOLER Control Unit. 


Using Cold Therapy to Mitigate Thermogenesis during Sleep
Environmental temperature is a universal entraining cue for circadian cycles for all mammals. Thermal regulation is a major factor for life as it influences most biochemical reactions ...
chiliPAD sleep system chiliPAD sleep system
The chiliPAD is the most popular sleep system. Loved by over 100,000 sleepers, chiliPAD warms or cools your bed for the perfect night's sleep.
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