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Gift of Sleep Update

At the end of 2015, we held our first Gift of Sleep Campaign. With this contest, we gave our fans an opportunity to nominate a loved one who they felt was deserving of a ChiliPad over the holiday season. For a period of time in early December, individuals were allowed to nominate friends who were in need of and deserved a ChiliPad. We then closed the submissions and opened up the polls to the public, and the submission with the most votes was selected as the winner. We are proud to announce that the winner was Lisa Henley, on the right, who was nominated by her friend, Pam Spears, on the left. After sleeping on her ChiliPad for a few months, we wanted to catch up with Lisa to see how things were going:


1. If you don't mind, please give us a brief synopsis of the sleep issues you were experiencing before receiving the ChiliPad?


Waking up hot during the night, restless (throwing the covers off, back on, off, back on, etc.).  I never fell into a deep REM sleep because I was always waking up hot.


2. You won the ChiliPad because you were nominated by your friend, Pam Spears. How did she tell you that you won? Was it a surprise?


Yes, she called me when she got the notice from you and told me we won!


3. Has the ChiliPad helped you sleep better? If so, how?  


OMG, yes. You know that old saying about when they pry it from my cold dead hands? That’s how I feel about my ChiliPad. I sleep through the entire night, I no longer have to throw covers off with the ChiliPad and I stay cool through the entire night (or I guess I do since I no longer wake up all night long!).


4. How often are you using the ChiliPad - every night, a few times a week, etc.?


Every single night!


5. Would you recommend a ChiliPad to your friends and family?


I do so, constantly.


6. Any additional comments you would like to add?


The ChiliPad is an investment, but it is an investment in your health. I was tired all the time and just felt sluggish because I wasn’t sleeping well. The result is that I’ve lost 11 pounds in the two months I’ve been using my ChiliPad because I have energy when I wake up now, so I’m out doing things again. I feel blessed that I won; I’m not sure I would have given it a shot, and that’s a shame because I might not have ever known how great you can feel.


We were extremely happy to catch up with Lisa, and we’re even happier to hear that the ChiliPad has improved her life in more ways than one! If you’re interested in learning more about the ChiliPad and what it can do for you, please visit us at We also love holding contests and promotions throughout the year in an effort to help others find their best rest, so stay tuned for the next one!