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Cooling Down Cancer

By: Dave Hanegraaff

You have cancer.” You never want to hear it, but odds are that you or a loved one will at some point in life.


Studies done by the British Journal of Cancer claim that over 50% of adults will develop some form of cancer in their lifetime. I’ve now joined the odious cancer club when my father was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Mantle Cell Lymphoma.


In no uncertain words, cancer sucks. But, it can suck lessFirst comes diagnosis, and then comes the treacherous treatment. And one often-overlooked insidious symptom of cancer and the subsequent treatment is the effect it can have on getting a good nights rest.


A lack of sleep is not only unpleasant but can also inhibit your body from fighting cancer at full-strength. This is not an uncommon problem. In fact, the National Cancer Institute says that over half of cancer patients will struggle to get good sleep at some point.


My father is part of that club as well. And I was insistent on solving this problem.


A side effect of both cancer and cancer treatment is night sweats.

These night sweats would cause my father to wake up in an unpleasant pool of sweat. Beyond being annoying and disrupting a good evenings rest, this puddle of sweat further complicates the issue by serving as a reminder that something is wrong.


In short, it’s anxiety-inducing, which precludes one from getting a good nights rest. I knew that my father was going to need to stop sweating to get good sleep and fight cancer at full strength.


Having overcome sleep issues myself — I knew just the solution. I got him a ChiliPad. The ability to control the temperature to ensure that he maintains a cool sleep environment has dramatically enhanced his ability to sleep well and kill cancer.


Since the first night he plugged in his ChiliPad, he claims to have completely done away with his debilitating night sweats and their anxiety inducing, sleep corroding effects.


And he’s not the only one.


Over the course of Chili Technology’s existence, the company has received high amounts of customer feedback claiming that the temperature-controlled mattress pad has allowed them to take control of health issues that inhibited their ability to sleep.


Chief among these health issues being cancer, but it’s not the only one. After all, Sleep is our body’s time for restoration, and we need every bit we can get when our bodies are experiencing a debilitative state.


I know from firsthand experience that sleeping cool can greatly enhance ones ability to combat cancers ability to control your life completely. Make no mistake, cancer sucks. But, with the help of the ChiliPad’s temperature control, you can cool down cancer.