Chili Technology’s ChiliPad vs. Serta’s iComfort Sleep System
Product Comparison

Chili Technology’s ChiliPad vs. Serta’s iComfort Sleep System

While there are cooling and heating products on the market, like the ChiliPad, that are meant to be used in addition to your mattress, other companies have created entire mattresses that are designed to improve your sleep and temperature control. Serta’s iComfort Sleep System mattress falls into the latter category. Today we will compare Chili Technology’s ChiliPad to Serta’s iComfort Mattress. In the past we have discussed:


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Similar to products like Luna or the Atmos Bed, Serta’s iComfort has a wide range of features, like massage, memory foam or something more technical along the lines of a “sleep tracker”. One additional quality these products share is the that they claim to provide consumers with sleep temperature control. Serta states that the iComfort Sleep System provides “enhanced cooling comfort”, but what exactly does that mean? While the Serta iComfort Sleep System and the ChiliPad have varying features, today we will focus on how well each product is able to provide customers with true temperature control.


The Serta iComfort Sleep System


Price: $649- $6,339
Size: The Serta iComfort Sleep System mattresses range in size from a Twin to a California King. Each size and iComfort model has a selection of base foundations that vary in height, comfort-level and whether or not they are adjustable, that influence the final price.
Temperature Control: The consumer has no direct control over the “cooling” aspect of the mattress. However the “enhanced cooling comfort” refers to the fact that Serta’s Cool Action™ Dual Effects® material does not retain heat and the cell structure of the mattress increases airflow to dissipate heat.
Product Details: Serta’s Cool Action™ Dual Effects® memory foam works to whisk heat away from the body. While some consumers may feel that the memory foam is comfortable, they are unable to control the temperature of their sleeping environment.
Miscellaneous: According to their “Customer Questions and Answers” page, the quality of the Serta iComfort foam is easily affected by a spill, stain or cleaning product. The mattress should also be allowed to dry for several days.


The Chili Technology ChiliPad


Price: $449-$1,099
Size: The ChiliPad is a dual heating and cooling pad that is made to fit mattress sizes ranging from a Twin to a California King.
Temperature Control: The customer is able to precisely control their temperature from 55 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit.
Product Details: The ChiliPad is a mattress pad that houses a water circulation system that moves through a network of microtubes. When it comes to maintaining the desired temperature throughout the night, the water circulation system is key, as it is shown to retain temperature longer and more safely than an air or electrical system.
Miscellaneous: Due to the fact that the ChiliPad is a mattress pad, it can be easily removed and cleaned. Consumers can clean their ChiliPad both internally and externally to ensure that it performs at its best. ChiliPads are even machine washable.


Serta’s iComfort memory foam material may feel comfortable and claim to whisk heat away from the body, however, the ChiliPad may be your best bet. Especially when you need an affordable product that allows you to control your sleep temperature and is also easily cleaned. To learn more about the ChiliPad, please visit us at