Chili Technology’s ChiliPad vs. Mattress Firm’s Atmos Bed
Product Comparison

Chili Technology’s ChiliPad vs. Mattress Firm’s Atmos Bed

Recently, we’ve spent time discussing the options for consumers when it comes to their sleep temperature. Not only can finding the perfect sleep temperature be better for your health, it’s also an investment, which is why it’s important to understand what’s on the market. In the past, we compared:


Chili Technology’s ChiliPad to Sleep Number’s DualTemp Layer
Chili Technology’s ChiliPad to BedJet


Today we will compare Chili Technology’s ChiliPad to Mattress Firm’s newly released Atmos Bed. Mattress Firm previously sold a temperature-controlled mattress, Yume, which has since been discontinued. For the time being, the Atmos Bed is only available in-store in the Kansas City area, but should be available to order online nationwide in the future. The Atmos Bed line allows consumers to have control over either the elevation, temperature or massaging capabilities of the mattress, or a combination of the three. We will focus on the ThermaBase mattress, as it involves temperature control.




Price: $1,500-$3,999
Size: The Atmos Bed can be ordered as a Twin XL, Queen and King-sized bed.
Temperature Control: The consumer can choose between warm, cool and ambient air temperatures.
Product Details: The Atmos Bed maintains its temperature with an air-circulation system within the foam mattress structure, which could affect its ability to maintain temperature for prolonged amounts of time.
Miscellaneous: Much like the ChiliPad Dual-Zone, partners are able to control the temperature on their side of the bed with the Queen and King-size mattresses. However, performance and timing can depend on room temperature. Their website suggests turning the bed on 30 minutes before going to sleep so that the bed can adjust properly. If the humidity in the air becomes too great, the mattress will switch to blowing ambient air until the humidity drops.


The Chili Technology ChiliPad


Price: $449-$1,099
Size: The ChiliPad is a dual heating and cooling pad that is made to fit mattress sizes ranging from a Twin to a California King.
Temperature Control: The customer is able to precisely control their temperature from 55 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit.
Product Details: The ChiliPad houses a water circulation system that moves through a network of microtubes. When it comes to maintaining the desired temperature throughout the night, the water circulation system is key, as it is shown to retain temperature longer and more safely than an air or electrical system. This is due to the fact that water is able to sustain specific temperatures for longer periods of time than other substances.
Miscellaneous: While dual temperature control is available with the ChiliPad, it will not default to circulating ambient-temperature water when the humidity in the air becomes too great.


While the Atmos Bed and the ChiliPad both work to create a more comfortable sleep environment temperature-wise, the ChiliPad may be a better financial investment. Especially since the ChiliPad works with your existing mattress, rather than the Atmos, which would have to replace your mattress. Additionally, the ChiliPad also allows users to have more specific control over their sleep temperature. Furthermore, due to the fact that it houses a water-circulation system rather than an air-circulation system, the ChiliPad is able to maintain these specific temperatures for longer amounts of time. To learn more about the ChiliPad, please visit us at