Chili Technology's ChiliPad vs. BedJet
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Chili Technology's ChiliPad vs. BedJet

There is no denying that sleep temperature can play a significant role in one’s ability to have a restful night’s sleep. While there are a variety of options on the market that allow consumers to control their sleep temperature, it’s important to understand what products are available and what is right for you. Last month, we compared Chili Technology’s ChiliPad to Sleep Number’s DualTemp Layer mattress pad. Today we will compare the ChiliPad to the recently released BedJet V2. The BedJet, which originally funded on Kickstarter in 2013, is a fan that attaches to your bed. Once properly installed, the fan creates a “tenting effect” under your sheets that circulates room-temperature air throughout your bed.

Arguably safer than an electric blanket, the BedJet uses air-technology to allow consumers to control their bed temperature. BedJet also manufactures a Dual Zone AirComforter, which is targeted specifically at couples who have opposing sleep temperature preferences. The AirComforter is meant to replace your normal bedding top sheet, and with two separate air compartments on either side, it allows two BedJet machines to be used on a single bed.



Size: The BedJet Climate Comfort System works with any type of bed and mattress size. The BedJet AirComforter fits standard Queen and King-sized beds.

Temperature Control: The consumer can adjust the temperature setting by a single F/C degree at a time or by 5% increments. The company states that the BedJet can raise the temperature of a King-size bed by 30 degrees Fahrenheit in just minutes.

Product Details: The BedJet maintains its temperature with a one-way air-circulation system.

The Chili Technology ChiliPad

Size: The ChiliPad is a dual heating and cooling pad that is made to fit mattress sizes ranging from a Twin to a California King.

Temperature Control: The customer is able to precisely control the pad temperature from 55 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Product Details: The ChiliPad houses a water circulation system that moves through a network of microtubes.


Although the BedJet focuses on the temperature above the consumer, whereas the ChiliPad focuses on temperature beneath the consumer, they both work toward the same goal. To learn more about the ChiliPad, please visit us at